Novatio's customization

Novatio will be world’s first console using PC hardware which allows anybody to find them easily and let the user personalize their console as they wish.

The components that can be changed are:

A simple way to find new components is just one of the features of a customizable console. Novatio is also projected in a smooth way that allows any user to change its internal parts quickly and easily. You will not need a specific person in order to change its composition.

Why customization modules?

Linux is open source and can easily be updated. We have decided to apply its simple concept to Project Novatio hardware. We think that changing your devices every 5 years is not wealth healthy and a bad concept so we have created a way to keep your hardware up to date. Changing the main components of the console is quick and easy. The internal part of the machine is sorted into modules and in order to change, for example, the graphic card, all you have to do is pushing a button.