What is Novatio?

Novatio is a revolutionary hybrid between a console and a PC.
Imagine the convenience of a console but with the power of an high-end hardware.
This is the Novatio experience.


We are gamers. We know what you want. With Novatio gaming becomes REAL. The best graphic experience of your life! Thanks to the last generation hardware you will be able to play your favorite games with the maximum (power)(settings).
You won’t believe to your eyes.

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Novatio is the world’s first modular console, you will be able to customize it in a quick, easy and intuitive way. You can choose the components to best adapt it to your needs. Come along to the obscure side of modding!.
Easier than ever!

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Hybrid System

Novatio is based on a special Linux distro called NovOS on which will be possible executing Windows software and play all PC games. Furthermore has been implemented an Android operating system, to download your apps and emulators you wish!
Live freedom.

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More Features

Summary of Novatio

Novatio timeline

This is our story.

  • 2016
  • The Idea

    The Idea was born in early September when Samuele showed to Simone his creation: A little PC in a little case.

  • The Team

    Samuele and Simone introduced the idea to Eros and Luca, then they formed the Team.

  • Feasibility Study

    We did a Feasibility Study and then we started to design the case.

  • The Name

    Novatio from the Latin Word "innovatio" came up during a brainstorming in the first half of October. It was our first step.

  • Hardware Test

    We made our Hardware test by implementing components in an aluminium box with the final-product size.

  • The Mother Board Project

    We started to design a new Revolutionary Motherboard. With it we can run our own OS and play every single Steam Game.

  • Provisional 3D Model

    Our Artist gave us the first ideas and then we Created the Model.

  • Looking for case builders

    We have contacted a famous Italian company, Manufacturer of Cases.

  • NovOS

    First and primitive version of our Linux-Based Operating System, named NovOS.

  • Publication of the first articles on the internet

    With the help of the European gamer-journalists we made Novatio known to the Public.

  • Android Controller APP

    Early implementation of an Android application that allows you to use the Smartphone as an additional Controller.

  • Hydra

    We start a collaboration with Hydra, a famous italian company manufacturer of cases.

  • Specs

    We reveal Novatio's Specs.
    "Standard" version will have AMD Fx8350 and NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti.
    "Pro" version will have Intel i5-6600K and NVIDIA GTX 1060.

  • Crowd Funding

    In december has been announced an upcoming crowdfunding campaign to realize the first prototypes and show them in the congresses

  • 2017
  • Crowdfunding campaign starting

    In January it began the first crowdfunding campaign of Novatio

  • Achievement?

    Let me check the Future...
    Where is my cristal ball?!

Our FAQs

Frequent questions

Novatio is the world’s first modular gaming console based on the Linux operating system called NovOS. The main feature of this console is the possibility to play all PC and Android Games! Our console is fully customizable which means you have the possibility to change and substitute its components, adapting itself to your gaming needs, this way you will always keep up to date with the changes in the world of technology!

Novatio will be world’s first console using PC hardware which allows anybody to find them easily and let the user personalize their console as they wish. The components that can be changed are: CPU, Graphic Card, Hard Disk, RAM, PSU. A simple way to find new components is just one of the features of a customizable console. Novatio is also projected in a smooth way that allows any user to change its internal parts quickly and easily. You will not need a specific person in order to change its composition, even a kid could do it!

Linux is open source and can easily be updated. We have decided to apply its simple concept to Project Novatio hardware. We do think that changing your devices every 5 years is not wealth healthy and a bad concept so we have created a way to keep your hardware up to date. Changing the main components of the console is quick and easy. The internal part of the machine is sorted into modules and in order to change, for example, the graphic card, all you have to do is pushing a button.

Novatio will have NovOs as operating system, a customized Debian derivate, along with our mainboard it can execute Windows software. Our mainboard uses a FPGA chip that will have the revolutionary feature of executing software “.exe” on NovOS. In the souce code of our OS there are the codes to interface the chip with any .exe program downloaded on the console allowing its execution, this feature will make NovOS compatible with all kind of Windows programs opening new ways into a new future for Linux. Thanks to this extraordinary method it will be possible to play the whole Steam, Origin and Uplay libraries! In future we are looking forward to the creation of a PCI board that allows to use NovOS outside Novatio and to use its incredible features!

No, we have already started working on the different aspects of this project. At the moment everything is working correctly, except some little bug the code of NovOS looks stable.

There will be two versions of it. The "standard" version and the "pro" verison (upgradable and custumizable).

Our console is not a Steam Machine. The issue with them is that they were limited to the small library of games offered on Linux. The lack of games made the concept fail on the large scale. Novatio is the future. It will become what the Steam Machine failed to be.

We are a group of PC gamers. An italian project formed by passionates, programmers and students that want to bring innovation into the world of consoles.

There will be two versions of Novatio with different standard hardware specs. Novatio will be cheaper and slightly smaller, Novatio Pro will more pricy and bigger but both versions will remain high in the performances.

Renting a studio, paying engineers and programmers, build the prototype of the case, realization of the final prototype of the console, presentation at the main videogames conferences

With a little contribute you will be able to give a hand in order to change an industry. We have a big project that aims to put a dent in the universe.

The cost depends on the version. There are two versions. The base one will cost €499,99 and the other will cost 799€

Our goal is to change the world of gaming on Linux forever with this console. By doing so, it would be a big step for the free-open source operating systems because an user wouldn’t have to choose anymore between “Having many games on Windows” or “Having an open source system”. If the crossing happens, it will be a huge step for everybody.

If you can’t help our project directly by giving a little contribution, there is no issue in it. You can help us by sharing this page with your friends and people that might be interested in our project.

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